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Annual Day Functions

Royal Lions is not just a name which comes in mind when you talk about events or advertising it is also a name which instantly comes to mind when one thinks of organizing annual day functions and Programmes like that. For every educational institution irrespective of it being nursery school, preschool, high school, college and university, the annual day celebrations have become an obligatory program to celebrate the respective institutions’ origin. During such functions school, colleges and universities get an opportunity to exhibit the talents in their possession in different walks of life. It not only encourages the students but also made them high spirited.

Through these annual day functions students also get a chance to showcase their exceptional talents in different field of their choice. Keeping in mind the importance of this annual celebration and the fact that it should be accomplished flawlessly, we duly take charge of managing the function A to Z and conducting it perfectly.

With our exceptional management services, we ensure you that we’ll carry all your worries on our shoulders and make you completely tension free. You must be thinking how we are going to manage such annual functions. Therefore, to give you a brief insight about our services in regards to organizing annual day function below is mentioned our management mantra. Our exceptional range of services are not only applicable to educational institutions or academic world but to any other organization like business agencies/ business organizations/ national and multinational companies or any of such institutions.

We also conduct such functions for someone who has something for exhibition via annual day celebrations or anything related to that. Our first task is to make you comfortable and comprehend your ideas, requirements and inclinations regarding the functions. After which we need to set a meeting so that some basic questions like discussing the detailed Programmes with organizing committee or the department which is responsible for the execution of annual day and things like that get resolved. The second important things while conducting an annual day function is the budget.

With Royal Lions you need not to fret about the budget as we skillfully draft the Programmes to give it final shape all according to the allocated budget. With being an expert, we assure you that all avenues of your functions get covered flawlessly.




Theme Party

Theme parties are the new trend these days. These theme parties are gaining much popularity among people of every age group. If you are looking forward to throw a unique party and wants your guest to remember it throughout their life then this is the accurate place to conclude your search. Organizing a theme party is the best way to impress and please your guests and make your party the most thrilling one. Parties organized according to a theme enhance its charm and makes it more happening. Your theme can be based on anything: a single color or combinations of colors, animals, varied lifestyles, different religions or any bygone era.

The one thing you should need to remember is that to inform your guests some days prior to the party. This will make easy for them to arrange the desired attire corresponding to the theme. Theme party is an amazing way for celebrations. The immediate atmosphere bestowed by the theme makes you relaxed and in the spirit to party. From kids to adults all enjoy these parties that are based on certain thrilling and exciting themes. 

Theme parties show off the creativity of your mind, our creativity to conduct it and the creativity of your guests as well as how appropriate one can dress up corresponding to the respective theme. It’s not only about creativity but is also about the fun and excitement to see your friends and family members in totally new look. The main motive to organize such parties is to give you the best so that you can cherish every moment spend with your family and friends. There are a lot of options to select from for your theme parties.

For a family party you can opt for some funny or interesting theme which can lure all of your family and kids as well. For a kid’s birthday party, you can choose a super hero theme, angel and devil theme, or any of the cartoon character themes. In our related sections, we have covered some of the most popular theme party ideas that are very popularly used on various occasions.


Select your theme and we will organize a perfect party for you

  • 25th Anniversary Party
  • 30th Anniversary Party
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Hawaiian Party
  • Pool Party
  • BBQ Party
  • Beach Party
  • Hollywood Party
  • Rock and Roll Party
  • Disco Party
  • Class Reunion
  • Graduation Party
  • Prom
  • Sports Party
  • Poker Party
  • Good Luck Party
  • Safari Party
  • Patriotic Party
  • Magic Party
  • 60s Party
  • 70s Party
  • 80s Party
  • 90s Party
  • Colour Theme Party
  • Alien Party
  • Garden Party
  • Tea or Wine Tasting Party
  • Corporate Party
  • Retirement Party
  • Office Party
  • Beer Party
  • Bollywood Party

Fashion Shows

Specializing in event management, we also arrange for fashion shows. Our services include arrangements of models, decoration, and preparation of dais to various other arrangements. Over the past years, we have organized fashion shows for a large number of clients and ensure them of timely execution of the necessary tasks. The fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.

In the present assumption, every now and then we keep listening about a diversity of Indian and international fashion shows. We at Fun Films, organizes exotic varieties of fashion show according to the choice of the clients. Usually in a fashion show, models’ walkway on to the ramps wearing designer haute couture wardrobe to exhibit his or her forthcoming line of clothing.

As a fashion show organizer, we give a chance even to the new comers who want to make their career in this vast field of fashion show to demonstrate their designs and styles aiming not only for domestic clients but also for international clients. Once they get a golden opportunity, they might be in a position to earn a name, fame and establish their foot in this glamour world of fashion. What is the benefit to give a chance to the new comers?

By adopting this policy, our budget clients are more attracted to demonstrate their products to the consumers and get popularity of their brand at budget rate or reasonable rate. Secondly, those enthusiasts who want a chance to enter into this professional world, they have the best opportunity to prove themselves. We are organizing almost all types of fashion shows – local fashion show mostly held at malls, fall fashion show, model fashion show, prom fashion show, national level fashion show and international level fashion show. 

The services of Fun Films in this field of fashion show include arrangements of models, ornamentation, planning of dais to several other arrangements. Over the past few years, we have coordinated fashion shows in different parts of India for a large number of clients and assure them of timely performance of the necessary tasks. Our different fashion show like fashion concerts, swimwear fashion show, wedding fashion show, and other types of fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.


Royal Weddings

Royal theme weddings are extensively gaining popularity day by day in India. Royal weddings are something which is admired by all including the royals as well as common masses. A royal wedding theme is primarily about creating an imperial aura with delicate fashion that will have a long-lasting effect on each and every person who is attending the event. Wedding is a centerpiece of one’s life therefore it has to big and brilliant. Royal wedding provides you the same monumental feeling during your wedding. The imperial majesty of a royal wedding creates a surreal atmosphere which takes you and your guests to a regal world which is present no more. ‘Fun films’ takes you to the same world by bestowing several regal touches to your wedding.

‘Royal Lions’ is the most eminent Royal Wedding Organizer Company India that orchestrates your wedding in the regalest way endowing an imperial essence throughout the event. From the initial celebrations till the conclusion we will conduct everything in the most royal manner, experiencing which will make you most complacent.

A wedding dominated by royalty would never be said complete without monogrammed linens and flattering decoration. The royal rose and its petals and plenty of candles can be seen in the most elegant setting in Indian weddings. Our well experienced wedding planners of Fun Films event managing team take care of your entire wedding. You can take a breath of fresh air relying on us and enjoy the lifestyle of the royals at the venue of your rented king-size palace which you have only read in tales. We make all your dreams come to reality and take you aloof from the ground. It is for sure that a wedding orchestrated by us will definitely have Sparkling effect on you as well as on your guests. We will make it so memorable for you that you’ll be nostalgic about the ceremony in future.

Beach Wedding

There are innumerable breathtaking wonders of nature in this world created by the almighty but one of its best creations is the enchanting beaches. There is scarcely any thing alluring than beaches therefore nowadays beach weddings are becoming increasingly flattering amongst die heart fans of nature’s splendor. For every romantic couple beach wedding is a dream and we at Royal Lions transfigure their dreams into reality.

Beach weddings are something which is simple and elegant at the same time. A wedding amidst the azure water engulfed by nature all over is surely a thing which can’t be erased from one’s mind. Beach wedding locations are selected such that you’ll feel that you are directly placed into Mother Nature’s lap amidst the cool breeze, the golden sand and the ambience you will definitely die for. 

For innumerable couples’ beaches prove to be a perfect place to kick start the new and most special chapter of their life. Weddings are always supposed to be an important ingredient of a happy life therefore it must be well organized in the most special place which affirms to be the beaches. People across the world come to India for its alluring beaches and even to tie the nuptial knot in the presence of incredibly pristine beaches. Another major reason which supports Indian beach weddings is that it perfectly fits into budget irrespective of the fact that you are rich or middle class. Even though weddings are a grand and once in a lifetime affair there will be hardly any person who will be least interested on the expenses.

To organize your grand and most special day Royal Lions is the sole and most eminent beach wedding organizer in India that will make you feel completely complacent about this event. The well experienced team of your beach wedding company will duly save you from all your wedding pressures and worries. You just have to book us for your celebrations rest we will take care of. Throughout the course of your wedding we will cater to all your needs starting from the venues to the decorations, finalizing the menu to arranging invitation cards.

Not only this we even provide your assistance in selecting among the best options of your wedding theme, picking up the right attire and your favorite bottle of champagne and lots more. Even the music played at the venue would be of your choice and regally romantic that can overwhelm everyone. We will ensure you that with our high-quality service will take off all your pressures and make your ‘BIG DAY’ as extra ordinary as you wish!! 


Birthday Party

Birthday party is an exceptional day for everyone and since it comes once in every year, it has to be an extra ordinary day. This is the day which takes us a step further to another journey of life. Birthdays are the best time for having fun and jolly time with friends and relatives and in each passing year we gain more experience and wisdom. If you’re making arrangements to celebrate your big day with a birthday bash – or even for that matter if you’re organizing a birthday party for someone else – first priority is to search out the right materials well in advance, to make sure everything goes as planned. An idea of a birthday party differs from individual to individual depending on their budget. Party is so much entertaining if you are passionate and have the patience you can go all out and plan something unique filled with some extra- fun.

Royal Lions help you plan up birthday parties smoothly by keeping certain things into consideration which helps birthday parties become a smashing- hit! Our party planners provide with each and everything which is essential for your birthday like decoration, cake, balloons, flower arrangement, crepe streamers and so on. At the same time as we are all aware that decoration is an essential and vital part of every party to make it memorable.

A suitable decorated birthday party will surely applaud up your guests and will make them remember it everlastingly. The spirit of festivity should be there. Our Royal Lions party planners also present special kind of birthday party themes which increases your participation in the party. 

“Have a rocking birthday party in an affordable package.”

Royal Lions organizes excellent birthday parties, which will make your day rocking! We offer reasonable and very affordable packages depending on your budget! Our birthday packages start from Rs 20,000 and above, covering every basic thing required for a terrific birthday party like decorations, entertainment and video coverage. 

Throw a magical birthday party without lifting a finger! While you relax, Fun Films will organize a totally cool birthday party, with a blend of excitement and fun as the name suggests, yet making every bit of it cherishable, sweeping you of your feet and at the same time leaving your guests in awe! So, all you do is chill out because we do all the work. Now that’s magic, right?

Dealers Meet Assistance Services in India

Reward your dealers & distributors on meeting their sales quotas. Energize them with ideas to meet exponential growth objectives by organizing your Dealers Meet in India’s premium tourist hub. We lend our helping hand with arranging world class sales meets, from event anchors to audio-visual infrastructure, taking care of all printing and communication needs to even helping with training companies which can use the occasion for useful training sales strategy development or training sessions.

Royal Lions is a big name in organizing Dealers meets / Partners meets and many more brand building opportunities which can make or break your brand image depending on how well you execute them. Most of the corporate and the general public approach us with a rough idea and a budget in their mind and that enables us to develop and improvise and turn the idea into a successful event in a cost-effective manner.

Once the idea and the budget are settled, we begin our task of planning and implementation of the event as per the requirements of the company. Our Varity of services include conceptualizing, planning and executing innovative programmes and events to meet the organizations objectives, providing all necessary support services such as transportation and accommodation, and attending to every minute detail to ensure the success of the meet. Talk to our event expert today to understand how we can help.